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  •  How do I connect to the WiFi at Vanderbilt Medical Center?
    The answer to this depends on the type of device that you are using to connect with. For more info, click here.
  • Epic print job is not printing
    There could be issues with the print queue or the printer itself. Contact the Help Desk so that we can troubleshoot further. 615-343-4357
  • ImageCast - Record locked
    Contact the Help Desk to have the lock removed. Call 615-343-4357
  • Unable to log into MyHealthatVanderbilt account
    You have the ability to reset your password yourself; but, before you do remember that the password is case sensitive and has to contain at least 8 characters, 1 capital letter, 1 lower case letter and 1 number. If you still can not remember your password follow the instructions below.

    Go to the home page at www.MyHealthAtVanderbilt.com, click on “Forgot username or password?” This is located to the right of the submit button.

    You will be prompted with your 3 secret questions. If you can not answer them correctly, your account will be reset to Limited Access and you will not be able to view your old messages until you gain full access again. (Remember full access can only be given in person after verifying your identity). 

    If you cannot remember your secret questions, click the submit button to take you to the next screen.

    Next, select “Can’t remember your answers” option at the bottom of the screen to reset your password.

  • VUnet / ePassword issues
    For additional help, call the Help Desk at 615-343-4357 or start by clicking here.

  • Setting up Microsoft Exchange Mail account on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
    Click Here

  • How do I change my ePassword?
    Click Here
  • Learning Exchange – Course won’t launch
    Always use Internet Explorer for Learning Exchange
    Turn off popup blocker and disable add on toolbars.
    Click View > Toolbars and uncheck any add on toolbars such as Google, Ask, Yahoo, etc. which all have popup blockers installed.
    Click Tools > Popup Blocker and turn off the popup blocker, then launch course again.

    ***More FAQ Content to Follow***

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